A Fishy Dilemma


Fisheries provide a hugely important source of food and livelihoods for hundreds of millions of people around the world. As the global population grows, this source of food and livelihoods will become even more important but world fisheries production has already peaked…

pencilsauce_01_CC_fisheriesWe were asked to illustrate for this article on the challenges faced by fisheries – sandwiched between conservation efforts and administration. The article talks about how scientists, policies, researchers, policy makers, Govt.. administrators are looking at the impacted marine life yet ignoring the core of the process small and large fisheries.

Resolving the socio economical situation of the people in small fisheries is as important as looking at how large fisheries comply with rules. It’s also important to note that  women in fisheries are neglected but comprise a large number globally who in effect further impact fisheries production.

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