The challenges of Financial literacy

Sattva_financial_literacy_indiaSattva is a consulting firm that works to build and enable sustainability concepts. When they reached out to us to help them create education material for a series of financial literacy workshops in Maharashtra, India, we jumped at the chance.

Sattva_financial_literacy_indiaWe created a series of illustrated cards that showed how income and expense groupings work. Sattva created a chart to enable the farmers to identify new income methods that could be added to their current source. Identify future expenses and plan ahead.

Sattva_financial_literacy_indiaThe cards were used in different forms of card games to help sort and identify better financial management. These cards were in English & Marathi. (These workshops were conducted in rural Maharashtra for farmers in the lower income group.)

Sattva_financial_literacy_indiaThe workshop was held by Sattva in partnership with Pragati Prathistan & TATA Capital. Workshop image credits : Sattva.